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.Pacific Semiconductors Canada


Semiconductor Manufactures Links



3C Semiconductor (no product info)

3D Labs video processors

3Dfx Interactive 3D video processors

8x8, Inc. video compression chips

AB-Semicon networking chips (ethernet), dual ported RAM, microcontrollers

Acapella networking chips

Acard SCSI chips

ACC Microelectronics PC system chips

Accelerix graphic accelerator chips

Acer Labs PC system chipsets, PC controller chips, embedded microcontrollers, video chips, RTC chips

Actel gate arrays (FPGA)

Adaptec PC controller chips

Adaptive Networks networking chips (wireless)

Adhoc Technologies networking chips (ethernet transceivers)

Advanced Analogic Technology (no product info)

Advanced Communication Devices networking chips (ethernet)

Advanced Hardware Architectures data controllers, data compression chips, error correction chips

Advanced Linear Devices op amps, comparators, transistors, analog switches

Advanced Micro Devices microprocessors, gate arrays (PLD), Flash, EPROM, microcontrollers, networking chips, data controllers, wireless chips

Advanced Micro Systems motor controller chips

Advanced Power Technology MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers

Advanced RISC Machines microprocessors

AITech International video converter chips

AKM Semiconductor portable/cellular phone chips, networking chips, data converters, CODECs, serial EEPROMs, image processing chips

Alcatel Microelectronics networking chips, communication chips

Alcor Micro USB chips

Allayer Technologies networking chips (ethernet, fiber optic)

Allegro Microsystems peripheral power driver chips, motor drivers, Hall-effect sensors, signal processing chips

Alliance Semiconductor DRAM, SRAM, Flash, graphics accelerator chips

Allied Signal Microelectronics microprocessors, GPS chips

Alpha Industries transistors (FET), diodes, GaAs MMICs

Alpha Semiconductor op amps, transistors, voltage regulators, voltage references, DC/DC converter chips

Altera gate arrays (EPLD)

American Bright Optoelectronics LEDs

American Microsystems ROM, wireless chips, telecom chips, mask programmable system devices (MPSD)

AMP accelerometers

Amplifonix RF power amplifiers, PIN diodes, voltage controlled oscillators

Amlogic audio/video decoder chips

ANADIGICs networking chips, wireless chips, CATV chips, power chips (all GaAs technology)

Analog Circuit Technologies RF demodulator

Analog Devices data converters, DSP chips, op amps, power chips, analog switches, sensors, etc...

Analog Microelectronics data convertors, LDO regulators

Analogic (no product info)

Anchor Chips PC system chips (PCI, USB)

Apache Systems (no product info)

Apex Microtechnology amplifiers, DC/DC converters

Applied Micro Circuits PCI controllers, networking chips, clock drivers, gate arrays

Arcobel Graphics video processors

Arithmos flat panel display driver chips

Arizona Microtek ECL logic chips, ECL line drivers

ARK Logic video accelerator chips

Aromat solid state relays

Array Microsystems video compression chips, DSP chips

Artist Graphics video processor chip

ASC Semiconductors diodes, crystals

Associative Computing associate processor

ATecoM networking chips (ATM)

ATI Technologies graphic controller chips

Atmel microcontrollers, serial EEPROM, Flash, EPROM, EEPROM, data converters, gate arrays (FPGA,CPLD)

AudioCodes voice chips (for networking applications)

Audio Digital Imaging video compression chips

Audio Processing Technology audio chips

Auravision video processor chips

Aureal audio chips

Austin Semiconductor EEPROM, SRAM, DRAM, EPROM, Flash (all HI-REL)

Austria Mikro Systeme International communications chips

Avance Logic video processor chips, audio chips

Averlogic PC/TV video converter chip

AVX SAW filters, resonators

Axis Communications microprocessors

Aztech audio chips

Ball Semiconductor (no product info)

BARCO SILEX FIFO chips, digital filter chips

Benchmarq Technology battery charging chips, NOVRAMs, real time clock chips

Betheltronix wireless transceiver chips, networking chips (ATM)

BKC Semiconductor diodes

Bookham Technology transceiver chips, IC sensors

Bright Microelectronics Flash

Brilliance Semiconductor SRAM

Broadcom networking chips, MODEM chips

Burr-Brown data converters, op amps, power chips, audio chips, sensors, etc...

Buslogic (link deactivated?)
PC system chips

Butterfly DSP DSP chips

C-Cube Microsystems video compression chips, multimedia chips

California Eastern Labs transistors

California Micro Devices termination chips, voltage dividers, EMI filters

Calogic amplifiers, transistors (JFET, FET), diodes

Catalyst Semiconductor EEPROM, serial EEPROM, Flash, NOVRAM, data converters

Celeritek RF amplifiers, MMIC chips

Celeritous Technical Services digital chips (recreates obsolete devices with gate array technology)

Celestial Design LCD controller chips

Centaur Technology microprocessors

Centillium Technology (no product info)

Central Semiconductor transistors (BJT, JFET, FET), SCRs, diodes (Zener, Schottky), TRIACs, rectifiers

Cermetek Microelectronics MODEM modules, telephone line modules

Champion Technologies voltage controlled oscillators

Cherry Semiconductor power chips

Chips & Technologies PC system chips, data controller chips, video chips

Chromatic video processors

Chrontel video chips, clock chips

Cimaron Communications networking chips (SONET)

Cirrus Logic video chips, networking chips, MODEM chips, data controller chips, audio chips, RF chips, etc...

Clairex optoelectronics, LEDs

CMD Technology USB chips, PC mouse chips

Coilcraft EMI filter chips

Cologne Chip Designs networking chips

ComCore Semiconductor networking chips (fast ethernet)

CommQuest Technologies cellular phone chips

Compensated Devices diodes

CompuLab PC system chips (i960 controllers)

Connor-Winfield SAW filters, voltage controlled oscillators, clock chips

Consumer Microcircuits MODEM chips, telephone chips, amplifiers

Continental Device India Zener diodes, transistors (BJT)

Cosmo Electronic Corporation (link deactivated?)
photo couplers, solid state relays, reed relays

CP Clare semiconductor switches & relays

Cree Research Silicon Carbide LED chips

Crimson Semiconductors obsolete products from many other manufacturers

Crosslink Semiconductor SRAM

Crydom solid-state relays

Crystal Semiconductor data converters, CODECs, audio chips, telecom chips, networking chips

Crystalonics (link deactivated?)
diodes, transistors (BJT, JEFT)

Cybernetic Microsystems controller chips

Cylink spread spectrum chips

Cypress Semiconductor SRAM, EPROM, FIFOs, gate arrays (EPLD), PC system chips, networking chips, clock chips

Cyrix microprocessors

Daico Industries PIN Diode, Schottky Diodes, RF attenuators, phase shifters, bi-phase modulators, MMICs (GaAs)

Dallas Semiconductor microcontrollers, BBSRAM, digital potentiometers, clock chips, termination chips, etc...

Dalsa CCD sensor chips

Data Delay Devices silicon delay line chips

Datel DC/DC converters, A/D converters, LED displays

Davicom Semiconductor MODEM chips, networking chips

Deltron diodes (automotive)

Dense-Pac Microsystems SRAM, DRAM, Flash SIMMs

Detection Technology radiation detector diodes, photodiodes, amplifiers

Dialight LEDs

Dialog Semiconductor mixed-signal ASICs

Digital Semiconductor microprocessors, networking chips, PC system chips, video CODECs

Digital Voice Systems voice encoder chips (CODEC)

Diodes Inc. transistors, diodes

Diotec Electronics power rectifiers, power bridges

Dipper Semiconductor diodes, rectifiers

Directed Energy pulse generatot chips, laser diode drivers

divio video chips (scanner, JPEG)

Domosys CEBus controller chips

DSP Architectures DSP chips

DSP Communications cellular phone chips, DSP-based wireless chips

DSP Group DSP chips

DynaChip gate arrays (FPGA)

E-CMOS Corp. (link deactivated?)
PC peripheral chips (mouse controller)

E-LAB Digital Engineering motor controller chips, transceiver chips

Ecliptek voltage controlled oscillators

Echelon networking chips

ECS resonators, SAW filters

Edge Semiconductor digital delay chips, ATE chips

EG&G optoelectronics, CCD chips

Elan Advanced Semiconductor (no product info)

Elantec amplifiers, video chips, MOSFETs, comparators, line drivers

Electromagnetic Technologies modulators, frequency doublers, mixers

Electronic Designs SRAM modules, Flash modules

Electronic Technology microprocessor supervisor chips

Elekon photodiodes, optoelectronics

EM Microelectronic-Marin microcontrollers, watch chips, real time clock chips

Emosyn microcontrollers for smart cards

Enable Semiconductor SRAM, ROM

Enhanced Memory Systems DRAM

EPIC Semiconductor UART chips, bus interface chips, microcontrollers

Ericsson telecom chips, optoelectronics, transistors, motor controller chips

ESS Technology audio chips (MIDI), video chips (MPEG)

Etron Technology SRAM, DRAM

eupec power semiconductors (diodes, IGBTs)

EUREKA Microelectronics SRAM, ROM, networking chips (ISDN), telecom chips

Exar battery management chips, data converters, CCD chips, telecom chips, networking chips, UARTs, clock chips

F3 Inc. networking chips

Fairchild Semiconductor logic chips, EPROM, EEPROM, transistors

Fast Analog Solutions field programmable analog device chips

Filtronic Solid State transistors (FETs), Gunn diodes, wireless telecom chips

FirstPass microcontrollers, FIFO chips (rad hard)

FOCUS Enhancements video processor chips

FourFold Technologies programmable chips (pseudo-FPGAs)

Frontier Electronics rectifiers

Fuji Electric transistors, diodes, microcontrollers

Fujitsu microprocessors, data converters, networking chips, SRAM, DRAM, PC controller chips, PLL

Future Technology Devices International (link deactivated?)
USB/hub microcontrollers

G-LINK Technology SRAM, DRAM, imaging chips

GAD Semiconductors (link deactivated?)
power diodes (GaAs)

Galaxy Power intelligent power management chips (and software), charge control chips

Galileo Technology FIFO, PC system chips, networking chips

Galvantech SRAM

Gatefield gate arrays (FPGAs for ASIC design)

Gemplus smartcard chips

General Semiconductor rectifiers, networking chips

Genesis Microchip video chips

Gennum audio amplifiers, filters, video chips, analog multiplexors

Gentron (link deactivated?)
solid state relays, MOSFETs, rectifiers, diodes

Germanium Power Devices transistors, diodes, photodetectors (GaAs and Ge technology)

GHz Technology RF transistors, power transistors

GIGA transceivers, multiplexers

Gilway Technical Lamp LEDs

Ginjet Technology audio controller chip, PWM chip, pager chips

Globespan Semiconductor MODEM transceiver chips

GMT Microelectronics (no product info)

Gran-Jansen spread spectrum transceiver chip

Graychip DSP based tuner & filter chips

GSI Technology SRAM

Hamamatsu Photonics photodiodes, light sensor chips, laser diodes, LEDs

Harris Semiconductor amplifiers, data converters, DSP, wireless chips, diodes, transistors, regulators, standard logic, microprocessors, radiation hardened chips, etc...

Hewlett-Packard LEDs, RF chips, optoelectronics, motion control chips

Hexawave GaAs transistors

hi/fn compression chips, encryption chips

HiNT SRAM, PC system chips (Pentium,PCI)

Hitachi microcontrollers, optoelectronics, LCD controllers, mass storage chips, DRAM, SRAM, EEPROM, Flash, MOSFETs, etc...

Hittite Microwave RF amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, frequency doublers, modulators

Holtek Microelectronics microcontrollers, speech chips, telecom chips, PC system chips, SRAM, EPROM, EEPROM

Honeywell high temp transducers, radiation-hardened memories

HT Communications networking chips

Hualon Microelectronics CCD imaging chips, telecom chips, networking chips (ethernet), PC peripheral chips (mouse controllers), RAMDAC, SRAM, ROM

Hutson Industries thyristors

HV Component Associates high voltage diodes

Hyperstone Electronics microprocessors (RISC), DSP chips

Hytek Microsystems laser diode drivers, digital delay lines, thermoelectric cooler controllers

Hyundai DRAM, SRAM, PC system chips, PLL

I-CUBE networking chips

IBM Microelectronics microprocessors, microcontrollers, DRAM, SRAM, VRAM, palette DAC, MPEG chips, networking chips, mass storage chips

iC-Haus encoder chips, line drivers, optoelectronics, magnetic sensors

IC Works clock chips

iCompression audio/video encoder chips

ICT gate arrays (PLD)

IDS Electronics power transistors

IGS Technologies video chips

ILC Data Device synchro/resolver converter chips, line drivers, transceivers

IMP SCSI terminators, microprocessor supervisors, LDOs, electroluminescent lamp drivers, SMPS controllers

Impala Linear PLL/VCO chips, power supervisory chips

Infinite Technology arithmetic processor

Information Storage Devices voice chips, analog memories

InnovaCom MPEG chips

Integrated Circuit Systems clock chips, audio chips, networking chips, battery charging chips

Integrated Device Technology SRAM, microprocessors, FIFO, clock chips, standard logic, networking chips

Integrated Electronics Technology CMOS imaging chips

Integrated Micro Solutions video processor

Integrated Silicon Solutions SRAM, serial EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, voice chips

Integrated Technology Express PC system chips

Integrated Telecom networking chips (ATM,SONET)

Intel Flash, microprocessors, microcontrollers, networking chips

Intelligent Micro (link deactivated?)
networking chips

Intellon CEBus controller chips

InterFET JFETs, diodes, voltage controlled resistors

International Microcircuits clock chips, PLLs, synthesizer chips

International Meta Systems microprocessors

International Rectifier power transistors

International Semiconductor diodes, rectifiers

Interpoint DC/DC converters, EMI filters, custom medical chips

Invox Technology nonvolatile analog memory chips, voice chips, Flash

Io Research FEC chipset

IQ Systems speech chips, front panel controller chips, data acquisition controllers

Irvine Sensors DRAM modules, SRAM modules, Flash modules

Isocom optoelectronics

ITT-GTC RF power amplifiers (GaAs)

IXYS power transistors, diodes, thyristors

Jato Technologies networking chips (gigabit ethernet)

Kawasaki LSI CAM memory, microprocessors, JPEG chips, USB chips

KC Technology USB controller chips

Kingbright USA LEDs

Korea Electric microcontrollers, amplifiers, regulators, audio chips, transistors (BJT, FET), diodes, LEDs

Krypton Isolation PCMCIA fax/modem chipset

Lambda Advanced Analog EMI filter chips

Language Systems Design compression chip

Lansdale Semiconductor obsolete products from many other manufacturers

Lanstar Semiconductor (link deactivated?)

Lanwave Components spread spectrum chips

Lara Technology CAM, networking chips, voice chips

Lattice Semiconductor gate arrays (PLD)

Ledtronics LEDs

Level One Communications transceivers, networking chips

LG Semicon DRAM, SRAM, Flash, networking chips, DSP chips, sound chips, MPEG decoder chips, telephone chips, microcontrollers, etc...

Libit Signal Processing MODEM chips

Lightspeed Semiconductor gate arrays

Lightwave Microsystems (no product info)

Linear Systems transistors (MOSFETs, JFETs, BJTs)

Linear Technology amplifiers, comparators, data converters, references, regulators, interface chips, etc...

Linfinity Microelectronics voltage regulators, pulse width modulators, DC/DC converters, op amps, FET Drivers, SCSI Transceivers, voltage references, comparators

Lintel encryption chips

Lite-On LEDs

Lockheed Martin encryption chips, video processing chips

Logic Devices FIFO, SRAM, multipliers, video imaging chips

LSI Computer Sytems digital delay chips, counters, motor controller chips, encoder interface chips, lighting dimmer chips

LSI Design & Integration disk drive chips

LSI Logic ASIC cores, set-top box chipsets, MPEG/JPEG chips, satellite receiver chips

Lucas NovaSensor silicon microsensors

Lucent Technologies networking chips, DSP chips, wireless chips, power chips, gate arrays (FPGA), CODECs

Lumex optoelectronics, LEDs

Luxsonor DVD decoder chip

M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Flash

M/A-Com PHI power transistors

Macronix International ROM, Flash, EPROM, video accelerator chips, networking chips, audio chips, CODECs, DSP chips

MagePOWER Semiconductor power transistors (MOSFETs)

Maker Communications Equipment ATM chips

Marvell Semiconductor mass storage chips, PRML chips

Maxim amplifiers, comparators, data converters, references, regulators, interface chips, etc...

Maxtek high frequency MCMs

MCA Technologies (link deactivated?)
signal conditioning chips

Mediamatics video chips, audio chips

Medianix Semiconductor audio processors

Melcher power converter modules

Melexis, Microelectronic Integrated Systems microcontrollers, Hall Effect sensors, telecom chips

Metalink transceivers, networking chips

Metelics Schottky diodes, PIN diodes

Micon Design technology /mdtic microcontrollers (PIC compatible)

Micrel Semiconductor PCMCIA chips, regulators, MOSFETs, display drivers

Micro Electronics Corp. transistors, LEDs

Micro Networks amplifiers, data converters, clock chips, voltage controlled oscillators

Microchip Technology EEPROM, serial EEPROM, EPROM, microcontrollers, rolling code chips

MicroClock clock chips

Microcosm Communications amplifiers, LED drivers, transceivers, clock chips

Microlinear networking chips, fiber optic chips, telephone chips, filters, mass storage chips, power controllers, battery management chips, LCD controllers, data converters, motor controller chips

MicroMetrics diodes

Micron Technology DRAM, SRAM, Flash

Micronas Intermetall DSP chips, video chips, audio chips

Micropac Industries hybrids

MicroUnity multimedia processor

Microsemi rectifiers, regulators, transistors, thyristors

Mini-Circuits amplifiers, termination chips, oscillators, frequency controller chips

MIPS Technologies RISC microprocessors

Mitel Semiconductor networking chips, CAM, mass storage chips, diodes, video chips, microcontrollers, keyless entry chips, gate arrays, SAW filters, cellular phone chips, analog switches, DTMF chips, telecom chips, GPS chips, PLL, compression chips, thyristors, etc...

Mitsubishi Semiconductor (no product info)

MMC Networks networking chips

MOSAID (no product info)

Mosel Vitelic DRAM, SRAM, VRAM


Motorola microprocessors, microcontrollers, SRAM, DRAM, standard logic, networking chips, wireless chips, DSP chips, CODECs, LCD controllers, transistors, diodes etc...

Moxtek JFETs

MRV Communications LEDs, laser diodes, photo diodes

MSIS Semiconductor (link deactivated?)
(no product info)

MSU CD chips, networking chips

MTI (link deactivated?)
amplifiers, satellite communications chips

Murata Manufacturing EMI filter chips

Music Semiconductors CAM

MX-COM CODECs, telephone chips, voice chips

Mykotronx cryptography chips

Mylex PC peripheral chips (SCSI)

MystiCom ethernet chips

N*ABLE Technologies security smartcard chips

National Semiconductor microcontrollers, amplifiers, comparators, regulators, references, serial EEPROM, Flash, standard logic, diodes, transistors, networking chips, FIFO, SRAM, data converters, etc...

NEC microprocessors, microcontrollers, DRAM, SRAM, Flash, transistors, diodes, amplifiers, comparators, audio chips, regulators, data converters, video chips, mass storage chips, etc...

NeoMagic DRAM, video chips

NeoParadigm Labs panel control chips, video phone chips, networking chips (ethernet)

NetChip USB controller chips

NetLogic Microsystems CAM memories

Newport Components DC/DC converters

Nexcom Technologies (link deactivated?)
Flash memories

Next Wave Technology JPEG codecs

NIC Components diodes

Nihon Inter Electronics diodes, thyristors, transistors (MOSFET)

Nippon Precision Circuits PLL chips, clock chips, data converters, filter chips, voice chips, audio chips, DTMF chips, etc..

Nippon Pulse Motor stepper motor driver chips

Nippon Steel Semiconductor DRAM

NJR op amps, voltage regulators, LCD drivers, SAW filters, RF chips

NKK Micro Devices SRAM, microprocessors, PCI chips

Novacom Technologies networking chips

Novalog transceiver chips

NTE Electronics transistors, diodes, rectifiers

Number Nine Visual Technology video chips

NVidia multimedia chips

O2Micro PC system chips

Oak Technology video processors, storage controllers (CD-ROM), MPEG chips, audio chips

Oasis Semiconductor digital scanner chips

OKI Semiconductor RF chips, telecom chips, speech chips, microcontrollers, microprocessors, display drivers, DRAM, ROM

Omnirel transistors (FETs), voltage regulators, schottky diodes, rectifiers, op amps

OmniVision CMOS image sensor chips

Omron controller chips

Optek Technology optoelectronics

OPTI PC system chipsets, sound chips, video chips

Opto Diode IR diodes

Optotek LEDs, LED driver chips

Orbit Semiconductor gate arrays (PLA)

Oren Semiconductor video chips, digital TV chips

Osicom Technologies network communications controller chip

Oxford Micro Devices DSP chips

Oxford Semiconductor UART, communications controller

Pacific Monolithics voltage controller oscillators, RF power amplifiers (GaAs)

Pan Jit International rectifiers, Zener diodes

Panasonic microcontrollers

Paradigm Technology SRAM

Paralan PC peripheral chips (SCSI)

Patriot Scientific RISC microprocessors

PCSI telecom chips

PCtel MODEM chips

Peregrine Semiconductor gate arrays (FPGA)

Performance Motion Devices motion control chips

Performance Semiconductor SRAM, RISC microprocessors

Pericom Semiconductor networking chips, standard logic, clock chips

Philips Semiconductor microcontrollers, wireless chips, telecom chips, audio chips, video chips, standard logic, diodes, transistors, amplifiers, gate arrays, etc...

Photobit digital camera chips

Phylon DSP chips, MODEM chips

PICO Electronics DC/DC converters

Pijnenburg cryptography chips, tone detector chips

Pilkington Micro-electronics gate arrays (FGPA)

Pixel Magic DSP chips, video processors

Pixelworks image processing chips

Platform Technologies (link deactivated?)
audio CODECs, audio processors

PLX Technology clock chips, PC system chips

PMC-Sierra networking chips (ATM,SONET,asynchronous/PDH)

Polyfet RF Devices RF transistors

Poseidon Technology (no product info)

Power-One DC/DC converters (chip-like modules)

Power Convertibles DC converter chips (modules?)

Power Innovations transistors (BJT), thyristors

Power Integrations AC/DC converters, half-bridge drivers

Powercube DC/DC converters

Powerex transistors (MOSFETs)

PowerTech transistors (high power)

Power Trends DC converter chips (modules?)

PrairieComm wireless chips (CDMA, TDMA, GSM)

Premier RF (no product info)

Pulse networking chips, telecom chips

QLogic PC data controller chips (SCSI)

QSound Labs audio chips

QT Optoelectronics LEDs

Qualcomm frequency synthesizers, forward error correction chips, voice compression chips, CDMA chips

Quality Semiconductor FIFO, networking chips, dual port SRAM, analog switches, standard logic

Quantum Effect Design microprocessors

QuickLogic gate arrays (FPGA)

RAD networking chips, Ethernet bridge chips

Radisys PC controller chips

Raltron Electronics accelerometers, resonators, oscillators, filters

Rambus DRAM

Ramtron DRAM, Ferro-electric RAM (FRAM)

Raycer Graphics (no product info)

Raytheon Semiconductor audio chips, analog video chips, A/D converters, digital video chips, voltage regulators, PROMs, amplifiers, transceivers

Realtek Semiconductor audio chips, video game chips, microcontrollers, networking chips, video controller chips

Redwood Microsystems silicon microvalves

Rendition video processing chips

RF Micro Devices RF amplifiers, MODEM chips, spread spectrum chips

RF Monolithics CR filters, SAW resonators

RICOH Semiconductor battery chips, DC/DC convertor chips, regulators, voice chips, real time clock chips, PC peripheral chips (PCMCIA)

RISE Technology microprocessors

Rochester Electronics many discontinued chips from other manufacturers

RocketChips (no product info)

Rohm diodes, transistors, video processing chips

Ross Technology SPARC chipsets

RPC Integral (no product info)

Ryotai PC peripheral chips, IR chips

S3 Inc. video chips

S-MOS Systems video processing chips

Sage LCD/FPD controller chips

Samsung Semiconductor audio chips, video chips, DRAM, SRAM, Flash, telecom chips, etc...

SandCraft microprocessors

Sandisk Flash

Sanken diodes, transistors (MOSFET), voltage regulators, LEDs, stepping motor chips

Sanyo transistors, diodes, microcontrollers, voltage regulators, DSP chips, video chips (MPEG, JPEG), MODEM chips, speech chips, telecom chips, DRAM, SRAM, Flash, etc...

Sarnoff (no product info)

ScanLogic USB controller chips

Scenix Semiconductor microcontrollers

Sebring Systems PCI ring connection chip

SEEQ Technology networking chips

Seiko Epson microcontrollers, EEPROM, SRAM, telecom chips, clock chips

Seiko Instruments voltage regulators, voltage detectors

Semelab (Magnatec) optoelectronics, RF transistors (MOSFETs), DC/DC convertors, power transistors (BJTs, MOSFETs), motor control chips, pulse width modulators

Semicoa Semiconductors transistors, photodiodes

Semiconductor Laser International laser diodes

Semiconductor Technology transistors

Semikron International power semiconductor modules

SEMITEC thermistors, varistors, diodes

Semitron diodes, thyristors

Semtech voltage regulators, rectifiers

Sensitron Semiconductor rectifiers, power transistors

SensoNor airbag sensors

Sensory, Inc. speech chips, audio chips, microcontrollers

Serano Systems embedded controllers

Sharp DRAM, SRAM, Flash, microcontrollers, microprocessors, optoelectronics, etc...

Shindengen diodes, transistors (MOSFET)

Shoreline Electronics arcnet transceiver modules

SIDSA cryptography chips, configurable microcontrollers

Siemens microcontrollers, DRAM, wireless chips, networking chips, diodes, transistors, optoelectronics, motor drivers, etc...

Sierra Imaging (no product info)

Sierra Semiconductor (link deactivated?)
MODEM chips, networking chips (ATM,SONET)

Sigma Designs video chipsets

Signal Processing Technologies data converters, comparators, amplifiers

Signal Technology amplifiers

Silicon Composers microprocessors

Silicon Design Resources mass storage controller chips

Silicon Image LCD panel controller chips

Silicon Integrated Systems PC controller chips, SRAM, microprocessors, video chips

Silicon Laboratories telecom chips

Silicon Magic DRAM

Silicon Motion Video driver chips (LCD,CRT)

Silicon Reality video processor chips

Silicon Sensors photodiodes

Silicon Storage Technology Flash, microcontrollers

Silicon Systems storage controller chips (HD,CD-ROM)

Silicon Value CAM memories, networking chips (ethernet)

Silicon Wave (no product info)

Siliconians wireless chips (spread spectrum)

Siliconix diodes, transistors, discretes

Silonex photodiodes, LEDs


Sipex data converters, transceivers, lamp driver chips

SiQuest custom gate arrays

SiRF GPS chipset

Sirius Communications spread spectrum chips

SIS Microelectronics peripheral controller chips, compression chips

SiTera networking chips

Solid State Optronics optically isolated power devices

Solitron Devices transistors (MOSFETs, JFETs, IGBTs)

Sony CCD, wireless chips, SRAM, optoelectronics, LCD chips, video chips, audio chips, microcontrollers, CACHE chips, etc...

Sound Vision digital camera chips

South African Micro-Electronic Systems energy measurement chips, telecom chips (phone,PCM)

Space Electronics radiation hardened chips, EEPROM, Flash, SRAM, DRAM, PROM, microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP chips, data converters, op amps, communications chips, etc...

Spectrian RF transistors

Standard Microsystems networking chips, PC controller chips

Stanford Microdevices RF GaAs FETs, amplifiers

Stanford Telecom MODEM chips

Stellar Semiconductor video processing chips

STMicroelectronics telecom chips, EEPROM, microcontrollers, video processing chips, SRAM, discretes, op amps, voltage regulators, etc...

Stream Machine (no product info)

Sumitomo Metals image processing chips

SUMMIT Microelectronics EEPROM, power supervisors


Sun Microelectronics microprocessors, SPARC system chips

Suni Imaging Microsystems imaging chips (CCD, CMOS)

Supertex smoke detector chips, MOSFETs, encoders/decoders, lamp driver chips

Surge Components zener diodes, schottky diodes, transistors, rectifiers

Symbios Logic PC data controller chips (SCSI)

Synergy Semiconductor clock chips, networking chips, PLL

Syntaq SRAM

SYNTEK Semiconductor USB controller chips

Systems & Processes Engineering (SPEC) gate arrays (GaAs FPGA, rad hard), RF memories

Taiwan Semiconductor rectifiers

TDK Semiconductor MODEM chips, networking chips, microcontrollers, transceivers, DTMF chips

TEC battery chip, digital screwdriver chip

Teccor Electronics TRIACs, SCRs, rectifiers

TelCom Semiconductor power managment chips, data converters, voltage references

TeleCruz interactive television chips

Teltone telecom chips (DTMF)

TEMIC diodes, transistors, optoelectronics, SRAM, analog switches, FIFO, dual port SRAM, power ICs, microcontrollers, automotive and communications ASICs

TeraGen configurable microcontrollers

TeraLogic video processor chips (DVD)

Texas Instruments microprocessors, DSP processors, mixed signal chips, analog/linear chips, standard logic, memory chips, etc... (TI makes pretty much everything!)

Texas Memory Systems DSP chips

Thaler data converters, voltage references

THAT amplifiers, analog processors, transistor array chips, delay line chips

Thesys radio chips, video chips, universal serial bus chips

Thomson-CSF Semiconductors CCD image sensors, microprocessors, EPROM, Flash, data converters, fingerprint recognition chips

TigerJet Network PC system chips, networking chips (ISDN controller)

TLSI (no product info)

Toko America SAW filter chips, regulators, transistors

Toshiba discretes, standard logic, DRAM, SRAM, telecom chips, microcontrollers, networking chips, optoelectronics, RISC Microprocessors

TransSwitch networking chips (ATM,SONET)

Tri-Vision TV security chips (V-chip)

Trident Microsystems video processing chips

Tripath Technology audio amplifiers

Triquint Semiconductor networking chips, clock chips

Triscend configurable microprocessors

TriTech Microelectronics CODECs, speech chips

TRW GaAs microwave amplifiers

TSC America rectifiers

Tseng Labs video processing chips

T.sqware networking chips

Tundra Semiconductor PC system chips, data controller chips, encryption chips


ULSI Systems video accelerator chip

Unitrode communications chips, comparators, regulators, amplifiers, motor controllers, diodes

United Microelectronics SRAM, voice chips, data converters, microcontrollers

United Monolithic Semiconductors RF amplifiers, RF mixer chips, RF transistors

United Technologies Microelectronics Center microprocessors, microcontrollers, gate arrays, standard logic, SRAM, MIL-883 chips, data controllers

U.S. Digital encoder chips

USAR Systems PC controller chips

USMikroChips Hall Effect sensors, motor controller chips

V3 Semiconductor embedded microprocessors

Vadem PC system chips, PCMCIA chips

Valor DC/DC converters, filter chips

Vanguard International Semiconductor DRAM, SRAM

Vantis gate arrays (PLDs)

Vectron Technologies voltage controlled oscillators, SAW filter chips

Veridicom fingerprint sensor chips

Versatile Semiconductor (Reining International) transponders

Vertex Networks networking chips (Ethernet)

VIA Technologies PC system chips, networking chips

Videologic 3D graphics chips

Virata networking chips

Visiontech MPEG chips

Vitec Multimedia MPEG encoder chip

Vitesse Semiconductor networking chips, communications chips

Vivid Semiconductor LCD controller chips

VLSI Technology networking chips, PC system chips, video chips, MODEM chips

Voice Networking Devices voice chips

Voltage Multipliers high voltage diodes, rectifiers

Volterra (no product info)

VTC hard drive chips, PRML chips

Waferscale Integration programmable system devices (PSD)

Westcode Semiconductors diodes, thyristors

Western Design Center microprocessors

White Microelectronics SRAM, DRAM, Flash, EEPROM

White Oak Semiconductor DRAM

Winbond SRAM, microcontrollers, telecom chips, networking chips, video chips

Wireless Access wireless chipsets

Wolfson Microelectronics networking chips, cellular phone chips, data converters, digital imaging chips

XaQti networking chips (ethernet)

Xecom telecom module chips, MODEM module chips

XEMICS microcontrollers

Xemod RF transistors (MOSFETs), amplifiers

Xicor EEPROM, serial EEPROM, digital potentiometers, NOVRAMs, microperipherals, SerialFlash memories

Xilinx gate arrays (FPGA,CPLD)

Yamaha audio chips, video chips, networking chips

Yozan matched filter chip (for CDMA cellular mobile radio)

ZCOMM voltage controlled oscillators

ZENIC programmable counter chips

Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden NOVRAM

Zetex Semiconductors diodes, transistors, optoelectronics

ZF Microsystems PC system chips

Zilog microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP chips, wireless chips, PC controller chips

Zoran DSP chips

ZSP Corporation DSP chips

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